Professional Development

Promoting Professional Development for women is our goal. Here you'll find some fantastic resources. Take advantage of all they have to offer!

 Kac Prof Photo Cropped 2015 1

Karlyn Crowley, Director of the Cassandra Voss Center and Professor of Gender Studies and English at St. Norbert College, shared a presentation on "Girl Hacks," all of which offere fantastic advice for girls of ALL ages. Read more here. 


 Stephanie Schultz

Stepanie Schultz, Communications Senior Director at Festival Foods, recently spoke about her journey from dietician who happens to work in retail business, to a business woman who happens to be a dietitician.  View her presentation and be sure to take away some of her excellent self-discovery advice! 


 "I Followed The Instructions, Why Isn’t This Working?!  Creating Order To Maintain (Professional) Sanity"

Alonzo Kelly recently wowed us with brilliant presentation! Along with offering us great ideas on how to “maintain our professional” sanity, Alonzo shared many resources with us to assist in our professional development and growth. Check out these additional Alonzo Kelly resources to learn more about him, his leadership principles and how you and your career can benefit!


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