September Monthly Luncheon
Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2016

I Followed The Instructions, Why Isn’t This Working?! Creating Order To Maintain (Professional) Sanity


Alonzo Kelly, Founder of the the Kelly Leadership Group 

As early as we can remember, it has always been taught and understood that if you follow the directions you will succeed. One the most challenging things to understand is why when we do follow the instructions the outcome is not what we intended or expected. Some of the most brilliant minds were once in charge of bankrupt companies, some of the best athletes have been fired from head coaching positions, and some of our most skilled employees sometimes struggle with transitioning from being a peer to being a leader.

This dynamic full-participatory presentation will challenge the audience to recognize what is most important when following instructions along your professional journey, recognize how to avoid confusion on our professional evolution, and maintain our sanity along the way.

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