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Leadership Award

2019 Recipient: Peggy Gibbons

Peggy Gibbons has accomplished much both personally and professionally. On a personal level, she is very proud of her 33-year marriage to her husband, John, and their strong relationship built on love, respect, trust, and understanding.

Peggy is also proud of the fact that she has made it a priority to stay healthy and fit as an adult. She has lost 45 pounds since graduating from high school and has managed to keep her weight in check through discipline in how she lives her life and the choices she makes.

A strong work ethic has helped Peggy achieve success professionally. While working full time and freelancing as a bookkeeper, she took classes at night and on the weekends. Peggy earned her associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in accounting, graduating with highest honors from NWTC and Lakeland University. She also took a review course at St. Norbert College to the prepare for the CPA exam. Peggy says that studying for and passing the CPA exam was one of the most challenging and rewarding things she has ever done. She committed herself to studying for three hours before work each day and managed her time to juggle family, studying, work, and exercise. Passing the exam helped give Peggy the confidence to believe that she could accomplish anything she put her mind to.

It’s also important to Peggy to stay relevant in her professional life. She loves to learn and makes it a priority to stay up to date on technology, software, and the strategic direction of her industry. Peggy’s current role as Controller with Green Bay Seven Up Bottling Company allows her to wear many hats. She has built strong relationships with her coworkers as well as vendors, customers, and colleagues, which provides a valuable network to lean in to for support. Peggy feels she is blessed to work for people that know her strengths and trust her to use them.

An active volunteer in the community, Peggy has participated in events for a Big Brothers/Big Sisters and the Boys & Girls Club, acted as a program coach for the Junior Achievement Business Competition, and distributed Golden Apple Award nominations for the Greater Green Bay Chamber. She was also elected secretary and vice president of administration & finance for the Green Bay Chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants.

A longtime member of Management Women, Peggy has served as president, vice president, treasurer-elect and treasurer, and co-chair of the Heels, Hopes & Higher Education event. She is currently past president and leads the organization’s Technology Process Improvement Committee.

There are two relationships that Peggy feels have helped define her life. The first was with Kieth Van Dyke, who served as her mentor early in her career. Kieth was one of the owners of Christopher’s Bar & Grill where Peggy worked. He taught her a great deal about computers, allowed her to use the business PC to type her class papers, and advised her to stay focused, finish school, and get her degree. The second relationship is with Management Women. After becoming a member, Peggy joined the Awards and Newsletter Committees and then got involved on the Board. She says she has met many amazing women through the organization, and her experience has helped her develop her public speaking, event planning, and leadership skills.

As she turns 60 this year, Peggy envisions herself working in her current position for five more years. After that, she plans to refocus rather than retire. In the next five years, Peggy says she will continue to enhance her skills in Microsoft Excel and Access as well as work to develop new skills in training and facilitation with the intention of making consulting her next career. With a more flexible schedule, she hopes to share her strengths and experiences in ways that will help others. Peggy would also like to expand her volunteer activities to work with Habitat for Humanity and Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary and do some more traveling.

Peggy offers this advice to a woman launching her career today:
  • Be confident in who you are and what you bring to the table.
  • Be mindful of what brings you the greatest joy, satisfaction, and sense of accomplishment, and strive to incorporate those things into your life.
  • Consider what footprint you want to leave in life and ensure that it helps direct the decisions you make.
  • Always be true to yourself. Demonstrate honesty and integrity in leadership and life.
Peggy, you are a true advocate for women and a strong yet humble leader who is admired by many.

Thank you for all you do for Management Women and for our community!

The Leadership Award is presented annually. This award recognizes the outstanding accomplishments of a Management Women member. Nominees must be members in good standing for a minimum of two years. Any member who received the award in the past five years is not eligible. A panel of non-Management Women judges chooses the award winner.

Award History

Management Women, Inc. has been in existence since 1983 and we have been recognizing a member each year since the 1984-1985 fiscal year. Though the details are a little sketchy, it appears that five women received awards-Charlotte Danstrom received the Woman of Achievement Award; the Academia Award went to Mavis Kryzanek; the Corporate Award went to our first President, Dorothy Galiger; the Entrepreneurial Award went to Donna Floberg; and the Government/Nonprofit Award went to Sally Dodd. The following year, the name was changed to the "Award for Professional Achievement." In 2012 the name of the award was changed to the Nancy A. Felhofer Leadership Award.

Past Recipients

1986 Dorothy Galiger 1987 Lois Lemke 1988 Nancy Armbrust
1989 Jan Campbell 1990 Cheryl Bousley 1991 Dee Geurts-Bengtson
1992 Jennifer Freweard 1993 Paula Fleurant 1994 Diane Roundy
1995 Carol Connell 1996 Cindy Treleven 1997 Sue Porath
1998 Nancy Felhofer 1999 Jane Seiler 2000 Carol Gibson
2001 Judy Johnson 2002 Jan Born 2003 Patti Bacher
2004 Elyse Stackhouse 2005 Sandra Hupfer 2006 Amy Graff
2007 Betsy Mitchell 2008 Dawn A. Collins 2009 Dottie Stepien
2010 Vicki Vannieuwenhoven 2011 Jeanne Stangel 2012 Lorrie Blaylock
2013 Darlene Marcelle 2014 Heather Weller 2015 Vickie Linssen
2016 Jenn Endries 2017 Robyn Davis 2018 Amy Anderson

If you have questions about the Nancy A. Felhofer Leadership Award, please contact the Awards Chair.

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